Global Matchmaker


In this age of globalization, no one deserves to be looking for anything with no success. Global Matchmakers (GM) effortlessly connects you to your heart's desires.
From finding love, to education, to job, to properties, to cars, to food and so on, GM helps you get whatever you want with just a click of a button. Those who have simply put it on the site, and those who need it simply express interest, all at no initial cost. We do not sell anything on the site, we simply matchmake buyers with sellers.
The beautiful aspect of it all is that we pay you as you join the community just as you also make money sharing the good news with people to the 5th generation as illustrated below. Everyone earns and transacts with PFP which is our official currency. PFP = Poverty Fighters Points.

[1] Register a free account and earn 10 PFP instantly.
[2] Put up anything for sale or join the Ready for Marriage group for 5 PFP.
[3] Get access to sellers' contact details for 2 PFP.
[4] Get access to any member of the Ready for Marriage group for 5 PFP.
[5] Earnings per invitation:
* 1st generation earns you 5 PFP
* 2nd generation earns you 3 PFP
* 3rd generation earns you 2 PFP
* 4th generation earns you 1 PFP
* 5th generation earns you 1 PFP
[6] Members can sell their PFP at whatever price they like.
[7] Members are advised to be careful in dealing with one another; fraudulent activities face severe consequences.
Please let's join hands together to build the world of our dreams and fight poverty to a standstill.



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